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Psalm 91: 1

Psalms 91 verse 1

Written by guest blogger Nehemiah Johnson

Psalm 91:1(a) “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High …”



We have comfort and assurance in knowing that God, the Most High, is “possessor of heaven and earth”, which is first revealed to Abram in Genesis 14: 17-23. As the possessor of heaven and earth, God the Most High has and exercises authority in both the realm of heaven and earth. Accordingly, HE purposefully arranges all physical circumstances, and history before creation, which guarantees every scene of life works to HIS eternal purpose. In Ephesians 1:11, Apostle Paul writes “…being predestined according to the purpose of HIM who worketh all things after the counsel of HIS own will.


Psalm 91:1(b) “…shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty”


 As the Most High, God is possessor of both heaven and earth, working all things after the counsel of HIS will. What about God the Almighty? Just as Abram, God wants us to also “know” HIM intimately as the Almighty. To know HIM is to experience HIM. Working all things after the counsel of HIS will, HE, through providence orchestrates situations in our lives that provide proof of HIS presence. Nowhere in the writings of the Books of Ruth, Esther, and Nehemiah we find God speaking to either of them. However, in each, the main character faces personal crisis, in the natural, that causes them take action to see the eventual salvation of God.



For Ruth, it was the loss of husband; for Esther, risking life to go before the king; and for Nehemiah, the destruction of the walls of Jerusalem. In each, God remains silent, but that silence does not mean absence, as we know how HE through HIS providence brought about a spiritual end higher than either of them could fathom. Likewise, for us HE is omnipresent as the Almighty, working things for our greater good, as we abide under the comfort and reassurance of HIS shadow.


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