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Palm Sunday

I know on this Palm Sunday the world has received some tragic news, some very evil news that has taken place in God’s House. Please understand we have always had and will always have good and evil. We have had bombings in churches and killings in churches throughout time. Let’s choose to focus on good and not evil. Let’s not be distracted from the works of the enemy. Let’s continue to pray for those who have been impacted and let us revisited the significance of Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday signifies the triumph entry of Jesus (Yeshua) into Jerusalem. The crowd gathered to worship the Messiah. They cut down palm branches to wave as form of worship, and they spread the branches and their cloaks onto the road to give Jesus the royal treatment.

They realized that Jesus was the Messiah, the coming King—but what happened? What was really in their hearts? According to Gotquestions Ministries, “The crowds looked for a Messiah who would rescue them politically and free them nationally, but Jesus had come to save them spiritually. First things first, and mankind’s primary need is spiritual, not political, cultural, or national salvation.”

As we go to our place of worship this Palm Sunday, are we missing it? Are we recognizing that the Savior has come to save the world, but not committing to Him spiritually first. Are we sold out to the building of Christ’s Kingdom to the sake of crucifying the deeds of the flesh? Or do we worship Christ one day, and hang Him on the cross the next, as we give in to the lusts of our flesh. Wanting to please our flesh is putting Christ on the cross and crucifying Him over again. We are saying we know you are the Savior, but Christ, you are not coming in the way we want you to come so I am just going to live like this……

I encourage you on the Palm Sunday to get to know the Savior for who He truly is, don’t just go through the motions of worship, the routine of going to church. I encourage you to be full of the living Spirit daily. On this Palm Sunday, commit to spend time with the savior daily…. Jesus (Yeshua) has come to save us spiritually……


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