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January is a time that many people and churches go on a fast. If you are fasting, be mindful that it is not just the abstaining or refraining from something, but more importantly it is the spending more time with God. Fasting is a time dedicated to reading the Bible more and praying more. Fasting is not doing your normal routine while not eating. It has to be different routine. We are consecrating ourselves before the Lord, spending more time with Him, spirit to Spirit.

Let me encourage you to develop your spiritman as you are fasting.  Our goal is to be led by our spirits and not by our bodies.  Fasting when conduct with all major components helps us grow spiritually so that our spirit is leading us.

If we are merely just not eating, than we are on a diet.  For example, during your lunchtime, instead of running errands or talking with a coworker, spend time along and read the Word.

Remember, fasting is a time to spend more time with our heavenly Father.

A great resource regarding fasting is Jentezen Franklin's book entitled Fasting:

Fasting, a great practice to develop our spirit and to create a more intimate relationship with God.

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